23.08.2023AzerTelecom and Kazakhtelecom established a joint venture within the Trans-Caspian Fiber Optic project

AzerTelecom and Kazakhtelecom leading telecommunication operators of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan continue joint efforts in implementing the Trans-Caspian Fiber Optic cable line, which is one of the major components of mega Digital Silk Way project.

Within the cooperative framework, AzerTelecom from the Azerbaijan side and Kazakhtelecom from the Kazakhstan side have established joint venture responsible for the construction and operation of the Trans-Caspian Fiber-Optic cable line along the Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan route on the seabed of the Caspian Sea.

On the basis of an earlier signed Shareholders’ Agreement, Sergey Nazarenko, Chief Operating Officer of AzerTelecom and Akimzhan Akhylbekov, Managing Director of Business Development with Government Entities of Kazakhtelecom signed the document on registration of the company. Involved parties expressed their support to the newly formed joint venture in execution of the Trans-Caspian Fiber-Optic cable line construction.

“The joint venture creation is another important step parties have completed on the way to build the Trans-Caspian Cable system. This step confirms both parties’ adherence to the project of global importance. The joint venture will be investing into creation of most important element of “Digital Silk Way” project the Trans-Caspian Fiber-Optic cable line that will ensure the transfer of multi-terabit data volume between Asia and Europe. The Digital Silk Way route will play a significant role in enhancing the business environment, economic development and elevating countries’ positions on global arena. It will open up new opportunities for regional cooperation”, said Sergey Nazarenko, Chief Operating Officer at AzerTelecom.

The cable line along the seabed will measure 380 km, while the data transmission capacity will be up to 400 terabit/s.

“We are dedicated to collaboration to ensure our project becomes the most prominent in the region. Our goals also include establishment of new partnerships that will aid us in fostering the growth of digital services and products, spanning from Asia to Europe”, said Akimzhan Akhylbekov, Managing Director of Business Development with Government Entities of Kazakhtelecom.

“Digital Silk Way” project was recognized as one of the top five strategic infrastructure projects in Asia during the Global Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum hosted in the United States.

AzerTelecom is a leading wholesale telecommunications operator in Azerbaijan and is part of NEQSOL Holding, an international group of companies operating in nine countries across the energy, telecommunications, hi-tech, and construction industries.

Kazakhtelecom is the largest telecommunications company in Kazakhstan and holds the status of a national telecommunications operator.