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Digital Silk Way

Digital Silk Way project is initiated by NEQSOL Holding and implemented by AzerTelecom, a leading wholesale telecommunications operator connecting Azerbaijan to the global internet network.

The project envisages the implementation of big infrastructure projects, laying of terrestrial and subsea fiber optic backbone cables to form a digital corridor between the Europe and Asia.

The program consists of several components:

  • The establishment of sustainable local and foreign backbone infrastructure
  • Construction of a regional Data Center in Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • The formation of a digital telecommunication corridor that will meet the need of countries located along the entire route on internet connection and content.

This mega digital telecommunication corridor passing the territories of various countries, i.e. Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan will be the most effective and shortest route with the high bandwidth and least latency in data transmission and boost the regional cooperation and development. It will help meet the growing demand of these regions for internet traffic and improve communication services in the region. The program will also enable those countries to take the leading positions in international rankings. Moreover, it will broaden the economic stability and prosperity in Eurasia.